Top 10 Picks Best Pool Filter Reviews on 2018

best pool filter reviewsEveryone often has trouble with cleaning their pool. Whether you are very careful, it can still get dirt from swimmers. It is this contamination that obstructs your enjoyment in a clean pool.

So, it’s high time to invest the best pool filter – a great tool to clean the pools. What type do you choose, the sand or cartridge type? Yes, the pool filter has a variety of the sizes and types, so you need to consider carefully. Let’s see my top 10 best pool filter 2018 and then pick one right off!

We just published our reviews about best above ground pools of 2018. In addition, we have detailed instructions to choose the best pool heater pump on 2018, can check here.

Pool Filter – How Many Types?

Saying to the pool filters, there are three main types you ought to know. In particular, here are…

Sand Filters

They are very preferred to use nowadays and a great option of the over-20-micron pool.

These filters do not require the complicated maintenance. Now and again, just need to flush out the dirt and backwash them. Don’t forget to replace the sand, frequently, every 5 years.

Of course, they also have disadvantages, especially, the energy usage. The cause is owing to the necessary pressure to plush the water via the sand. Instead of the sand, you can use the smaller particles to minimize the pressure.

Cartridge Filters

As its name, these pool filters will have an external tank placed a cartridge. They pump the water in your pool via the cartridge and then clean. Depending on the used cartridge, but they can basically contribute to removing the dirt at least 10 microns.

The today cartridge filters designed with the big surface have the not-high pressure and the low speeds. Therefore, help to save the energy significantly.

For the cartridge pool filters, you need to clean them regularly, based on the numbers that you use them. Nonetheless, whatever you maintain frequently, you will still have to replace a new one after each 3 years. Inevitably, have to consider what you bought.

Diatomaceous Earth Filters

This filter type is referred DE Filter. By using the DE-covered material, these filters remove the dirt out of your pool. The result achieved is approximately 5 microns. This factor makes it become the most effective removing-particulate filter. But, at the same time, it also needs to be maintained more than two types above.

How to Choose a Right Best Pool Filters 2018?

Continuously, to ensure your chosen filter that operates in an efficient way, you need to determine…

The surface area and the water volume in your pool: For the rectangular pool, you will apply the formula: Length x width to get the surface area. In case there is a round pool, define the surface area, by taking 3.14 x r2.

How much water your pool can contain: Have the specific formula to get this, by taking the maximum water volume that your pool likely holds : 360.

The turnover rate of your pool: It means that you must determine the time to complete the filter cycle.

Pick up the proper filter: The size of the pool filter is correlative to your pool size.

The water resistance: Remember that the quickly-moving water will need plenty of resistance.

Let’s gather all the things above and give an exact decision. In this way, make sure that you will get a right pool filter.

Top 10 Best Pool Filters for The Money Awards 2018

Now, you have determined the best type of pool filter and known how to choose a right one for yourself, haven’t you? Well, continue to read my product list and then give an exact decision. Your selection is…

Hayward S270T ProSeries 27-Inch Sand Filter

Hayward S270T ProSeries Sand Filter, 27-Inch, Top-Mount
If you are figuring out the best sand filter for your in-ground pool, you can try consulting a model from Hayward, the Hayward S270T ProSeries 27-Inch Sand Filter. With the vari-flo valve (7 positions) and the ideal required sand (200 lbs.), promise to bring the optimum effectiveness.

Quick Summary

  • Have equipped the anti-corrosive material
  • Provide the large pressure
  • Include both the slide valve and control valve
  • Have licensed professional

It is noticed with the installation. The systems have the special design to assemble quickly and accurately.

Besides, cannot underestimate the performance-matched because this filter provides the efficient energy and the maximum flow. Furthermore, whether the pressure is dropped, you can still reach the maximum flow, thanks to the 7-position variflo valve.

Plus the 27-inch length of the valve, contribute to making the Hayward S270T be one of the good options for the in-ground pool.


  • Easy to install
  • Work great
  • Long-lasting usage time
  • Get a good seal


  • Have a bit of the leakage
  • The short usage time
  • The pressure gauge is quickly broken down

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Pentair 160301 150 GPM Polypropylene Tank Cartridge Pool Filter

Pentair 160301 Clean & Clear Plus Fiberglass Reinforced Polypropylene Tank Cartridge Pool Filter That one of the reliable brands can compete with Hayward when saying to the best cartridge pool filter is Pentair. And the model is today introduces to you – the Pentair 160301.

Quick Summary

  • Offer the large filter area ~ 420.sq.feet
  • Have the anticorrosive filter tank
  • 100% drain port cleaned
  • The 150-GPM flow rate

The larger the filter area, the more the dirt capacity will also be. Yes, this one is true to the Pentair 160301 cartridge pool filter. It even provides the clean-out port. You will not have to worry about the leftover dirt. In addition to that, to maintain the high flow, the manufacturer has built up the black bulkhead unions, along with an injection molded filter tank. Aside from providing the superior strength, it is still durable and dependable.


  • The installation is easy
  • Work well
  • Clean water effectively
  • Easy to use
  • Great price


  • Poor packaging
  • Have the tiny leaks

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Hayward C5030 SwimClear 525-Square-Foot Cartridge Pool Filter

Hayward C5030 SwimClear 525-Square-Foot Cartridge Pool Filter Say to the Hayward, people immediately think of the pool and spa equipment, the pool filter included. One of the quality pool filters from this brand is the Hayward C5030 cartridge pool filter.

Quick Summary

  • Consist of the full-size integral drain
  • The durable Noryl bulkhead
  • The 700.sq.ft capacity
  • Have the removal-of-cartridge tank base

Due to designing the low-profile tank base, you do not meet more difficult to remove the cartridge elements. Combining with the integral drain helps you flush and clean your pool in the shortest time as possible. The Hayward C5030 also persuades the consumer with the full-energy flow. Using it within one year, you can save plenty of water (up to 2,500 gallons). How? Is it good enough?


  • Easy installation
  • Work very well
  • Less maintenance
  • Nice design
  • The longer usage time


  • The poor design for the air relief valve
  • Difficult to correctly seat
  • Fail at the low pressure

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Hayward DE4820 Vertical Grid Pool Filter

Hayward DE4820 Vertical Grid Pool Filter It’s no coincidence that the majority of the consumers prioritize to choose to use the pool filter from Hayward. Look at the Hayward DE4820, you will understand.

Quick Summary

  • Have the plumbing options
  • The big-size filter ~ 48 feet
  • Have an optional control valve
  • The tanks constructed with the solid glass-reinforced copolymer

With the vertical grid filter, this is considered as the best in-ground pool filter for a variety of the sizes and types. Not only distribute the evenly-unfiltered water through the inlet diffuser elbow, but also enable accessing to the components inside the filter without piping or connecting, owing to having the plumbing options. Don’t stop! The product always comes with the quality when bringing the optimum performance, but it still makes sure the durability.


  • Easy to maintain
  • No leaks
  • Hook up quickly
  • Good customer service
  • Work great
  • Durable


  • Have a little loud
  • Low hum
  • Not include the valve

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Intex Krystal Clear 16-Inch Sand Filter

Intex Krystal Clear 16-Inch Sand Filter If the previous sand filter gets used to making you disappointed, you can completely try experiencing another one from Intex, the Intex Krystal Clear 16-Inch Sand Filter.

Quick Summary

  • Have the control valve with 6 functions
  • Involve the 24-hour timer
  • Reach up to 75% of performance
  • Come with the pressure gauge, strainer basket, and heavy-duty tank

You can easily filter, rinse, drain, close, backwash, and recirculate your pool with the control valve. You do not also have to worry about cleaning. There is the strainer basket that will help you. Furthermore, don’t require more maintenance. Just need to replace the sand each 5 years. It’s okay!


  • Nice pump
  • Simply install
  • Good price
  • Very little maintenance
  • Work well


  • Water leak
  • Poor warranty
  • Cheap plastic

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Best Choice Products SKY1639 19” Swimming Pool Pump System

Best Choice Products SKY1639 19” Swimming Pool Pump System As its name, the Best Choice Products, the SKY1639 19” pool filter from this brand promises to bring the desired experience during the using process, thanks to the available features.

Quick Summary

  • Have the large capacity tank ~ 175 lbs.
  • Provide the 4500-GPH speed
  • Equip the 6-position valve
  • Have the durable thermoplastic

For those who are looking for the pool filter with the low-cost maintenance, the model is built up the credible material, the thermoplastic. Aside from the surprising capacity (175 lbs.), this filter both is anticorrosive and has the longer usage time. The product has met the safety standards. At once, it still brings the consistent efficiency.


  • Very quiet
  • Easy installation
  • Great pressure
  • Easily use
  • Running strong


  • The hose is easy to crack
  • No instructions
  • Have the leakage

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Hayward EC50AC Perflex D.E. Pool Filter

Hayward EC50AC Perflex D.E. Pool Filter A pool filter with the compact design and the lightweight is exactly the Hayward ECAC Perflex D.E. Pool Filter. It is small, but the quality is no doubt.

Quick Summary

  • Have equipped the clamp
  • Design the heavy-duty tank
  • Provide an integral check valve to prevent the backflow
  • Warranty in one year

Apart from that, it should also mention the flex-tubes that help to clean the dirt. The model is an ideal selection for the round pools within 28 – 33 feet and the oval pools (18 x 39 feet). Owing to the compact design, you can comfortably set up anywhere you want. It means that this filter is suitable for the narrow area.


  • Easy to install and maintain
  • Work well
  • Good performance
  • Fast shipping
  • No leaks


  • Not include the pump
  • Expensive
  • Don’t last

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Hayward S310T2 ProSeries 30-Inch Sand Filter

Hayward S310T2 ProSeries 30-Inch Sand Filter The sand filter series from Hayward is very popular today. One of them is the Hayward S310T2 ProSeries 30-Inch Sand Filter, which provides the optimal while using.

Quick Summary

  • Have the vari-flo valve with 6 positions
  • Made from thermoplastic
  • Have the tank, pressure gauge, multi-port valve, and sight glass
  • Provide the advanced full-flow technology

It understands the consumers’ psychology, so the Hayward has been very precise when designing the quickly-assembled system. Ensure the high performance while working. With that being said, this filter also has the self-cleaning underdrain, the 360-degree laterals, and an integral top diffuser. All contribute to helping to clean your pool.


  • The installation is easy
  • Work great
  • Easy to backwash
  • Great price
  • An easier time maintaining


  • The valve is not really durable
  • Leak a bit
  • Difficult to seal the two sections

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Pentair 145322 60-GPM Flow Sand Pool Filter

Pentair 145322 60-GPM Flow Sand Pool Filter If the cartridge pool filter from Pentair makes you satisfied when using, this sand pool filter, the Pentair 145322, also has the dominant features you can be going to like.

Quick Summary

  • Include the multi-port valve
  • Have the water-and-sand drain
  • Built up the durable thermoplastic filter tank
  • Have a variety of the functions (filter, rinse, recirculate, backwash, and closed) and components (the pressure gauge, sight glass, valve, and tank)

This is a high-performance filter because it may reach up to 28,800 gallons. Have the sturdy construction, designed with the amazing efficiency, and meet the users’ pool requirement. And then, the various equipment helps to simplify the operation and create the consistent performance.


  • Ease of the installation
  • Easy to backflush
  • No signs of wear
  • Solid pump
  • Work fine


  • The stand seems weak
  • Require the 200-pound sand

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Hayward S244S ProSeries 24-Inch Sand Filter

Hayward S244S ProSeries 24-Inch Sand Filter The final model in my list is the Hayward S244S ProSeries 24-Inch Sand Filter. Have owned the best-case characteristics like other Hayward sand filters, so you can entirely have peace of mind when choosing to utilize.

Quick Summary

  • Have the optional timer
  • Equip the 6-position valve
  • Constructed by the thermoplastic that is durable for all weather
  • Have the large pressure drain

Similar to the Hayward ProSeries filters in the list, this model has full of the same features as the filters above, including the performance-matched filter, the long-lasting material, and the advanced pool filter technology. The only difference is the size.


  • Great price
  • Easy to set up
  • Work as expected
  • Have the instruction
  • Ideal for the small area


  • Have the issues with the vari-flo valve
  • Miss some parts
  • Leak

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After all, you have found the best pool filter for yourself, haven’t you? According to you, which one is suitable?

Personally, I enjoy using the pool filters from Hayward. Of course, this is my personal choice. The final decision is to depend on you. Consider all things carefully, from the types to the way to select. If possible, you should consult the feedback from the consumers. There is the most quality answer.

Keep in mind, don’t have the best product. Just have the most suitable product. So, let’s choose what to meet your needs. I hope that my top 10 best pool filter 2018 will be helpful for your investment. Good luck!!!

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