Intex Company has been more than 40 years in the market. Their first products were inflatable toys to play at beaches like beach ball. In 1997, they started manufacturing a new product, a type of swimming pool that cost much less than concrete or fiberglass pools. It was above ground pools as we know as today.

Over two past decades, with the vision is to be the most recognizable, trusted and innovative company in the industry, Intex has been constantly developing their products to the higher quality products year by year. Actually, this never-ending effort has made them as successful as today.

About Intex Pools

Intex offers a wide variety of pool styles including easy set, oval frame, metal frame, prism frame, ultra and frame. Each style fits the needs of certain swimmers as well as to fit any size of backyard of customer’s house easily. But, for the pools to be ready to be used, it is necessary to have above ground pools accessories and filtration and sanitation. So, you can easy to shop all essential tools and equipment you need when building a swimming pool at your backyard from Intex only.

More importantly, all of Intex above ground pools are designed to meet the stringent safety standards. That means all Intex above ground pools have to undergone intensive tests at various test facilities. In addition to that, this just aims to ensure years of safe and satisfying service to consumers in the over 100 countries where they are sold.

Types of Intex Above Ground Pool

How many types of Intex above ground pool? What are there? In fact, the Intex above ground pools have 4 major types – easy-to-set pools, metal frame pools, round ultra-frame pools, and rectangular ultra-frame pools. All they have the sidewalls and the sturdy construction.

Nonetheless, there are still the specific features, in particular,…

Easy Set Pools

These pools are also known as the Intex inflatable pools. Even from the name, we can guess that these Intex pools are easy to install. Really, only taking 30 minutes, you can pump the water into there and use it in a day.

The easy-to-recognize feature of them – the top ring is inflatable. Provide a variety of the sizes (8 to 18 feet) and height (30 to 52 inches). These Intex easy set pools are an ideal choice if you need a new pool because of the affordable price and the easy setup.

Oval Frame Pools

It is different from the Intex traditional rectangular pools. The Intex oval frame pools are the combination of the easy set pools and high-grade pools. With the elongated shape, you can still set it up in your tight backyard.

Involve two various sizes to select: 18 feet of the length and 20 feet in length. Therefore, it can say that these Intex above ground swimming pools is a great option if you intend to compete Olympic or simply install in a narrow space.

Metal Frame Pools

In comparison with the easy set pools, the Intex metal frame type is a better option. With a large size built-in the rust-proof steel material, the 10-24foot diameter, and the height ranged from 30 to 52 inches, they promise to provide a safe and wide swimming space.

In addition to that, these swimming pools are not difficult to put parts together, not including any tool. After 45 minutes, they likely start receiving water.

Round Ultra-Frame Pools

Like the Intex metal frame pools, these above ground pools from Intex are also constructed by the high-quality non-rust steel. But, the Intex round ultra-frame pools look classier, especially the outdoor living areas.

Furthermore, the traditional pools with the metal frames are not their opponents. All parts are attached in a smooth and secure manner, and you quickly get that because of the easy installation.

Either way, you can choose a small pool with the diameter no under 16 feet or a larger one an 18-foot diameter, depending on your demand.

Rectangular Ultra-Frame Pools

The last one is the rectangular ultra-frame pools. Have also owned the strong points like the Intex ultra-frame pools, the sturdy construction included. Nevertheless, these pools offer the traditional shape. This is especially ideal for playing games in the pools and lap swimming.

There are 3 different sizes so that you can consider selecting. The largest size is approximately 32 feet, and the smallest is 18 feet.

If you need more details of certain mentioned pool in that review, or, you want to be clear about who should use it? Or is there any complaints coming with it found somewhere? We also give you its own review. What else’s? Below are some


Sometimes, pool shape makes sense when you need a pool that fit perfectly your place. This also adds an aesthetic look to your backyard, which needs to be in harmony with environment there. Hence, having various pool shapes becomes necessary.

With that being said, there are also a wide variety of shapes, when it comes to choosing Intex above ground pools. They include round, oval, rectangle, and square shape. Hence, you are worry-free for lack of your preference for pool shape.

Assembling Task

All Intex Above ground pools are designed to easily install, simple to maintain, economical to run and can be used year-round. It won’t take you much time to install your swimming pool, and ready for water just in minutes. Even, you are just a starter. All you have to do is simply spread out on a level ground, inflate the top ring, and fill with water!


To fit the needs of all users, Intex above ground pools are designed with different depths. The lowest pools comes in 30 inches whereas, the deepest pools comes in 52 inches. Therefore, you will be comfortable with all of your strokes in the Intex above ground pools.


Choosing the right size will help it fit perfectly your place. In addition to that, how large the pool also determines how many people can swim or play in it. That’s why customers need to be clear about the pool’s dimensions before they pick up one. For clarity of the products, the details of length, width, diameter, and height are found easily at where they are sold. Definitely, the various sizes of Intex above ground pools can meet all users’ preference and purposes of using.

10 Best Intex Pools Reviews You Can Trust

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How to Care for an Intex Pool

Anything also needs to be maintained to make sure the lifespan, an Intex Pool, too. Keep the sidewalls from the prime condition. Properly mix the chemicals to keep the sanitary of the water. It is noticed that you cannot lack the maintenance in winter.

Start from What to Be Basic

Don’t waste when you spend the time to know about the Intex pools. Initially, it is necessary to determine the time that you can care on your Intex pool.

As a general rule of thumb, you should remember the three Ts, in particular, terminology, tools, and techniques. You can search for the information online or ask those who get used to utilizing it.

Equip the Pool Care Tools

All Intex pools parts need to care properly and frequently. So, I recommend that you ought to equip the tools such as the chemicals to balance the pool water, pool vacuum, skimmer, additional hoses, pool shock, test strips, and a pool brush. If possible, you let stock on all of them to use anytime.

Make out a Schedule

The best plan would be to know what you have to do. For instance, if you place your Intex pool in a fixed position throughout the year, you should have the seasonal maintenance schedule.

This one will help you save time and your budget when the parts damaged by the lack of the maintenance need to be replaced.

Balance the Water

I make sure that you will not be able to swim comfortably when you forget to balance the water in your pool. It not only is unsanitary but can also make you get sick. Accordingly, it is important that you ought to have a fundamental knowledge of the pool chemistry.

Frequently, monitor and adjust pH as well as the level of the alkalinity. And remember to keep track of the water sanitizer and hardness. All things will contribute to balancing the water in your pool.

Before swimming, it forces you to test the pH level. It would be best to range from 7.0 to 7.6. For the alkalinity level, don’t let over 100 – 150 ppm. Maintaining at this level will prevent the pool water from changing pH.

In case you recognize the lower pH, it means that the water in your pool is acidic. Let’s add a little baking soda to increase the pH. Inevitably, if the pH is higher, you just need to add a dry acid (sodium bisulfate). The purpose is to reduce pH.

What’s more, you pay attention when adding alkalinity increaser because it contributes to raising the pH level.

Anything else? There is the calcium hardness of your pool. Avoid more 150 – 400 ppm. The softer the water, the quicker the plumbing and hardware will get corroded. On the contrary, once the water is too hard, it likely causes mineral build-up or scaling.

So, keep your pool care routine regularly and don’t forget to consider the water in your pool.

How to Clean Intex Pool

You have paid a non-small budget for an Intex swimming pool. Don’t leave your pool without maintaining or caring for a long time. The Intex pools clearance in a regular way is a good thing to last long its lifespan. Start with…


The first prepares a skimmer. Put it into your pool. Let it sink in the water (from 1 to 2 inches) while you still hold that skimmer as long as it is perpendicular from the water surface.

The next is to use the skimmer to sweep your pool water surface. In this way, you can remove the bugs, leaves, twigs, and others things floating in your pool.

Finally, quickly take the debris out of your pool.


You will start cleaning the interior of your pool, by scrubbing the sidewalls with a brush. Like that, the debris, dust, and leaves will completely be removed, especially, the algae. You ought to know that the growth of algae in your pool will affect the filter system.

For the time being, start vacuuming the total sidewalls. Require using a venture-style vacuum with the pressure taken from a garden hose. So, it ensures that the power is enough to collect any debris or dirt in a dust bag.

Continuously, gently move the vacuum head along your pool floor bottom. Remember to work systematically, by overlapping strokes the sides.

Intex Pool Problems

Nothing is 100% perfect, and neither is an Intex Pool. While you are using, it still has some problems. Learn and overcome these if you face them:

Problem with Small Particles

After using the Intex pools a while, you can be going to detect small particles when you are not using it for a couple of days. If you do not recognize this issue sooner, it can affect the capability of your pool.

The main cause is due to the lack of the maintenance. You forget not to clean the filter every day, so I recommend that you should equip the Intex pump from Walmart. You will quickly get rid of this state soon.

Problem with Intake

The majority of the Intex swimming pool at Walmart or Amazon consists of two intake ports. If they are smaller than the size of the hose, you will not get a secure connection. This leads to the leakage. Personally, I am used to meeting this one. The only way to overcome this situation is to change the intake. In case you do not know how to change, you can call a pro.

Problem with Water Quality

Time to time, your Intex pool water will also have an issue. The cause is not due to the lack of the maintenance. Probably, there is the equipment failure when you are not at home, the weather blown in debris or dust, or the heavy-pool use.

For any reason, you are difficult to avoid the water problems. Accordingly, let’s establish the daily routine of maintaining the water in your pool. Have peace of mind! It is pretty simple. You just need to assure the operation of your pump, keep the skimmer clean, change the filter in time, clean water, and test the pH and alkalinity. Keep these things in mind!

Customer Policy


The warranties for Intex above ground pools may not apply in all cases. It depends on at where you purchase it. In addition, you will see that the length of the warranties vary by model.

Refund policy

If you buy an Intex Above ground pool from the official site of the company or buy on Amazon, you are allowed to return it back to the company and get your refund in case there is a defective coming with the pool. But, remember you should do it within 30 days from the day of the delivery. In addition to that, before returning it, you have to contact Intex within 15 days from the date the product was received.

Intex Pools FAQ’s

Q: What safe surfaces can I set up an Intex easy set pool?

You can install your easy set pool on the pavement, grass, or compacted dirt as long as their surface is stable, flat, and level. But, to make sure the safety, I recommend putting a ground tarp or cloth beneath your pool.

Absolutely, never place your pool on the muddy ground, sand, balconies, platforms, or wooden decks. At once, avoid setting up your pool on the hardy grass like St. Augustine or Bermuda because they likely grow via the Intex pool liners.

Q: How often should I change the water in the pool?

Don’t have a typical answer to this question. It depends on the chemical balance and your needs. If you filter and balance the chemicals properly, the water in your pool will likely last during summer.

Let’s cover your pool when you are not using it. Test the water frequently and balance the chemicals properly. Operate the pump at least an hour in a day. Keep the filter clean and replace as needed. From there, you can minimize the water change demand.

Q: Where can I purchase an Intex pool?

There is the Intex pool Amazon or Intex pool Walmart. Both Amazon and Walmart are the reliable and large online shopping market that you can believe to shop.

Q: How long does it take to fill your pool?

Depending on the size of your pool and the pressure of the water, it can take two hours or more. You should observe the fill-up process to ensure that the water is evenly filled.

Q: Can I leave the Intex pool up year-round?

Where do you live? The answer will decide an answer. Nonetheless, don’t encourage to leave your pool up, especially, in the winter. With the too-low temperature (under 0), your pool can get cracked.


All in all, are the Intex pools in general and the Intex above ground pools in particular good?

Based on the Intex pool reviews, I believe that you have found all answer related to these pools. You have the useful information on the company and the brand. Know the way to choose the best Intex pool. Importantly, later, you also know how to care and maintain your pool to last the longer use time. 

Keep the information in mind and consult the Intex above ground pool reviews from other customers! You will look for the desired pool. Good luck!!!